Cheddar & Tomato

Tandem Cooking Sessions

It’s as easy as riding a bike only much more tasty!

From £60 per person

(inc ingredients

for 2 hours session)

Two can cook as easy as one!

Teenager going off to university?

Fathers & Daughters

Mothers & Sons

Brothers & Sisters

or Friends together

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Food has the power to connect…

…our senses & evoke memories

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Cooking Demonstrations

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Cooking Sessions to Tingle your taste buds!

Cooking Sessions

These are tailored individually to suit you, and can be anything you want them to be from a mini baking session where you cook a cake and cookies, a cooking session creating 2 x dishes (savoury and sweet) or more complex dinner party food, literally whatever you want to cook - the sky’s the limit!

NEW! Tandem Cooking Sessions as easy as a riding a bike!  

2 hours £60 per person inc ingredients (Choose from selection of dishes) Bring a friend or family Member and cook in Tandem, 2 dishes each.

Cooking demonstrations

I offer fun and educational cooking demonstrations. These are tailored to the clients individual needs and are dependent on the facilities available. The question and answers sessions afterwards provides lively entertainment!

Entertaining Talks

These fun talks are about how we make sense of the world, how food is linked to memories. These are very popular and are interactive. They include a quiz, an outline of how food evokes memories and aroma pots to stimulate our senses. With audience participation, we re-visit memories of foods gone by, illustrating how Taste the Memory links in with it all.

My cooking sessions are open to anyone, including Teenagers going off to university.

Everyone welcome

Creativity is part of

the Therapeutic Process!

Cooking allows you to do something that you are in control of, which is often the opposite if you are lacking in confidence or are under stress at work or other situations that you find yourself in taking you out of your comfort zone.

Each recipe has a great story to tell, as you cook you create memories with the conversations you have during cooking and eating each one. Cooking helps you to re-connect with your family – brilliant if you have challenging Teenagers, who often just need a some attention and time which we often forget as we try and allow them some independence, we forget the art of communication (or is that they forget?)

Cooking is nurturing, and evokes a sense of security and relief from anxiety

We experience life through our senses and by stimulating through our 5 senses can help keep our minds alert, in effect exercise for the brain! With cooking we touch the food, smell and taste it, look as it is presented and hear it as it cooks!


Tandem Cooking Sessions

It’s as easy as riding a bike

and much more tasty!

From £60 each per person (inc ingredients for 2 hours session)

Two can cook as easy as one!

Choose 2 each from a selection of dishes, then you turn up. I will guide you through creating your recipes, have fun in the process, and I clear up the mess!!

You take your food home and your own

personalised wipe clean recipe leaflet

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