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…our senses & evoke memories!! Food has the power to connect…

“I’m out there Tasting Life!”

Cooking Demonstrations

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GCSE Catering tuition

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Tandem Cooking Sessions

It’s as easy as riding a bike only much more tasty!

From £60 per person

(inc ingredients

for 2 hours session)

Two can cook as easy as one!

Teenager going off to university?

Fathers & Daughters

Mothers & Sons

Brothers & Sisters

or Friends together

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Tel: 07964 290933

Food has the power to connect

our senses and evoke Memories!!

Cooking Therapy

for sufferers of Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Using cooking as a tool, can literally help to bring back the past memories helping them to feel alive again! Cooking or baking uses all of the cognitive skills. The final result of the cooking reminds them of how their life used to be. It is very rewarding for the family to see this in their loved one again.

Cooking sessions are done in your home and are tailored to suit the individual’s abilities and requirements of the person.

Cooking can provide an outlet

for your emotions

When you find that on a daily basis you feel overwhelmed, stressed, live on “what if this were to happen” worrying and anxious until you feel trapped in a circle of anxiety – I will give you the tools to help you maintain a well balanced and virtually stress free lifestyle

Grief & Loss

Are you struggling to come to terms with

a new life after the loss of a loved one?

If you have lost the will to cook. These sessions are personally tailored to suit your needs, either re-kindling your love of cooking, teaching you how to cook, or by re-creating a favourite recipe a loved one used to cook missed cooking with someone, whatever you feel would benefit you I love to cook and will help bring some enthusiasm and zest back for life and cooking as we talk about anything you care to share to help bring happy memories back. Or perhaps you quite simply have  memories or new beginnings. I hope that cooking alongside me will bring you joy and help with your emotional healing. I will naturally instill confidence for those of you who don't know how to cook, or want to improve your skills.

One – One coaching Sessions alongside cooking produces greater results

For coaching using NLP techniques please visit my sister web site

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