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“I’m out there Tasting Life!”

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Food has the power to connect…
…our senses & evoke memories!!

Tandem Cooking Sessions

It’s as easy as riding a bike only much more tasty!

From £60 per person

(inc ingredients

for 2 hours session)

Two can cook as easy as one!

Teenager going off to university?

Fathers & Daughters

Mothers & Sons

Brothers & Sisters

or Friends together

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Tel: 07964 290933

Cooking Demonstrations & Talks

My reputation has grown and I have been affectionately nick named;

“The Mary Berry of Cirencester”!!

Cooking Demonstrations

I am available for your group to provide an entertaining hour, cooking interesting and simple recipes, for you to re-create at home!

I arrive with everything I need and do not necessary need a kitchen. All food prepared and cooked is available to sample after the demo and I include a comprehensive recipe leaflet for guests to take home afterwards.

After the demo, I am available to answer any questions and to share tips and suggestions for any queries the group may have.

Audience participation is often requested!

Here are a sample of Demonstrations available:

Sensational Desserts
Slow Cooker specials
Christmas Goodies     
Trio of pasties
Winter Warmer Soups
Painting with Chocolate
Summer Salads and nibbles
Winter puds

Entertaining Talks

I offer interactive talks which are both entertaining and interesting. Talks currently available are:

“How you make sense of your world”

Audience participation a must here - the talk begins with an introduction of how we take in our world through our senses. Includes a brief history of my life with some hilarious moments. Followed by an active illustration of how different smells can stimulate our memories - followed by a sweet and savoury quiz to demonstrate our preferences now.

How memories are made - and how we access our memories - using TV as a medium!

This is a new talk and already has proved t be very popular - with a second part to follow. From the understanding of how our memories are made, this interactive talk includes a quiz on TV programmes of the 60’s & 70’s and is accessed by visual and auditory aids

Food for Health

Here I provide education on the different food groups and benefits to our health and offer recipes. The talk includes an understanding of how what we eat affects our delicate body’s balance and provide a chart to help you to see how what you eat affects your body.

More to follow: