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…our senses & evoke memories!! Food has the power to connect…

“I’m out there Tasting Life!”

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Tel: 07964 290933

About me

My love of cooking is contagious!!

My name is Dulcie James and for as long as I can remember I have always had a heart felt passion for cooking, I absolutely adore losing myself in my kitchen with old and new found recipes in amongst a sea of ingredients and I sometimes challenge myself to see how much I can cook in a short space of time!

Over the years with what could be described as a turbulent and emotional roller coaster of a life – I have always emerged from the kitchen with a great tasty array of home prepared and cooked from scratch, feeling elated, it is totally therapeutic!

I am a trained NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming – in other words helps you make sense of your world better giving you more choice and better communicating skills understanding others better!) based near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and hold a Cruse Certificate in Bereavement. I have personally experienced life’s ups and downs in many aspects, and understand all the emotions that we have to go through. I have been described as a very caring and nurturing person, who is empathetic and understanding, a warm and cosy armchair! I know instinctively what someone needs and help them find their answers with gentle guidance.

I had the wonderful opportunity to run a restaurant for over 6 years, and through this have written two recipe books, the proceeds of which went to the Pied Piper Appeal and the National Children's Home. My reputation for good home tasty cooking spread throughout the company I worked for and even reached America & Australia!

I love entertaining and ensure that our guests go home delighted and well fed from a wonderful array of food with several choices of desserts! Diets are definitely out of the window!

My life already has given me many dimensions with which to draw experiences from, I feel that I have had two lives already, in my earlier years I raised two boys, who were forever hungry and through their teenage years went on a huge learning curve. Later I remarried and was given the cherry on the icing of my life, a daughter, a new learning curve had begun!

As a resourceful person I offer down to earth simple and practical solutions, and will find answers to any problem. My positive and enthusiastic disposition is contagious and with my sense of fun you can't help but feel uplifted. My aim for you is simple, to allow you time in a safe environment to help you with whatever you need towards a healing journey, or a new direction and help you  find a new solution for your life.

Life for many of us is never easy, but wouldn't it be comforting to know that with my help, life could be a little easier to bear? Join me in a Therapeutic Cooking Session or a one-one coaching session, and lets make memories!