Cheddar & Tomato

Tandem Cooking Sessions

It’s as easy as riding a bike only much more tasty!

From £60 per person

(inc ingredients

for 2 hours session)

Two can cook as easy as one!

Teenager going off to university?

Fathers & Daughters

Mothers & Sons

Brothers & Sisters

or Friends together

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Food has the power to connect…

…our senses & evoke memories

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BBC Radio
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Cooking Demonstrations

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Tel: 07964 290933

WELCOME to Taste the Memory

Where old memories are remembered

and new ones created!

I offer:

Cooking alongside me, you cannot

help but feel more positive and alive!

As heard on BBC Radio
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Cooking Demonstrations & Talks

I give talks on how we make sense of the world and how cooking evokes memories. My entertaining cooking demonstrations, inspire and ignite even the most cautious of cooks!

Whatever you are looking for there is no doubt about it we all need food to survive and what better way than with fresh food prepared and cooked by yourself – if you are lacking in confidence – I will help instil that in you and help you develop new skills

Cooking allows you rid yourself of pent-up stress and re-connect with your creative self giving you a great sense of achievement with the delicious dishes that you have just cooked. Your senses are evoked with the delicious aromas and as you cook or bake you leave with a renewed sense of purpose and regained vigour!

What I use it for:


Emotions Stirred during a Therapeutic Cooking Session

Why it works:

Cooking is a relaxing process, it helps you unwind and as you absorb yourself in the process, allows your mind to wander more gently through your thoughts and help you discover what is really troubling you or what you actually want!

While you will relax have fun, I will help you manage your life’s challenges and provide you with useful tools to help keep you positive, so you can move forward to a new outcome!